How to Care for a Devon Rex



Be gentle when grooming the cat.,
Consider bathing your cat regularly.,
Trim the cat’s nails.,
Inspect and clean the cat’s ears.,
Give the cat proper dental care.

The Devon rex has delicate fur that needs to be treated gently when grooming. Whether using a metal comb made specifically for grooming cats or a soft brush, you need to be gentle on the cat’s coat and skin. The cat’s fur can be damaged and break if you are rough when brushing or combing it.If you are taking your Devon rex to a groomer, make sure that they know to treat your cat delicately. Groomers that have not worked on this type of cat before may not know.;
, The Devon rex has a thin coat that allows the cat’s skin to get greasy, especially in folds of skin. If your cat is getting greasy, give it a bath. Fill your bathtub with a few inches of warm water, place the cat in it, and clean the cat with a mild soap made for cats. This should only need to be done every few weeks.After the bath, the cat can simply be towel dried and then allowed to finish drying on its own.

, Like with all cats, it’s important to trim the Devon rex’s nails on a regular basis. You can use a pair of pet nail trimmers or human nail trimmers. Hold the cat’s paw in one hand and the clippers in your other. Make sure to only trim the very tip of the nail so that you can avoid cutting the quick, the vein inside the nail.The more often you trim your cat’s nails, the more comfortable with the procedure the cat will get. You will have to trim very little nail each time.
Keep styptic powder on hand in case you cut the quick. If you cut the quick, place a little pressure on the tip of the nail and place a small amount of styptic powder on the tip. Once the bleeding has stopped, clean the area with mild soap meant for cats. Cleaning the area will assure that no infection sets in., The big ears of the Devon rex give the cat a wonderful look, but they can attract dirt and debris. Look in the ears weekly and make sure they are clean and debris free. If the ears need cleaning, use a cotton cloth and a product made specifically for cleaning cats’ ears to clean them.If you use a product that is made to clean cat’s ears, make sure to follow the directions on the packaging. Each product is different and you don’t want to damage the cat’s ears due to misuse.
Never place anything inside of your cat’s ear canal. Only clean the outside of your cat’s ears.

, You should begin brushing your cat’s teeth when it is young so that it gets used to the process and doesn’t fight it. Use a pet toothbrush and a veterinary toothpaste and brush its teeth at least once a week.Do not use toothpaste made for humans. It includes chemicals that are not good for pets and its taste is not appealing to them either.

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