How to Care for a Devon Rex



Clean the cat’s litter box regularly.,
Spend quality time with your cat.,
Consider getting companion animals.,
Give your Devon rex enrichment toys and equipment.

In order to give your cat a clean and nurturing environment, you need to give it a clean and comfortable place to go to the bathroom. Clean the cat’s litter every day and replace it completely on a weekly basis, depending on how dirty it gets.Make sure that your cat likes its litter and the type of litter box you give it. If the cat refuses to use its litter box, try getting different litter or a different box.

, The Devon rex is a very social cat that loves to spend time with its family members. It is likely to curl up on your lap, sit with you at meal time, or follow you around while you do chores. Be sure to take some time to focus on your cat every day, playing with it or just petting it while its curled up on your lap.Because of this social nature, they do not do well when left alone.

, Devon rex cats are social creatures that need lots of attention and interaction. One way to give them this interaction is to bring them into homes with multiple pets. This breed of cat tends to get along with a wide variety of animals, including other types of cats and dogs, but they do particularly love to pile up with other Devon rex cats.If you are planning on adopting one Devon rex, you may want to consider adopting two, so that they can be lifelong companions.

, The Devon rex is an active and energetic cat that needs lots of stimulation. This can come from other animals or humans, but it can also come partially from playing with toys. Give it a variety of toys, including strings that you can wave around. Also consider getting the cat climbing towers or perches for it to climb up to.For a cat, the Devon rex is particularly good at learning to fetch or play hide and seek. Try throwing a cat ball to it and see if you can train it to bring it back to you.

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