How to Care for a Cymric Cat



Supply it with a variety of toys.,
Teach it tricks.,
Provide it with high places to perch on.,
Expose it to a variety of situations.,
Provide attention and affection.

Cymrics are playful cats that love engaging toys. Therefore, entertain your cat with ping-pong balls, food puzzles, and cardboard boxes to jump in. Food puzzles are a great choice because they provide the mental stimulation that a Cymric cat needs.Make sure the toys you purchase are safe and cat-friendly.

, Cymrics love to play fetch; this is a personality trait that they are known for. You can also teach it other tricks like sit, come, shake and spin. However, only teach your cat one trick at a time in 10 to 15 minute sessions.When teaching your Cymric tricks, make sure to use reward-based techniques like treats and praise. Never use negative punishment to train your cat.

, The Cymric’s well-developed hindquarters make jumping one of its favorite things to do. Therefore, purchase cat trees and posts for your Cymric cat to jump and perch on.Cat trees and posts will also deter your Cymric cat from jumping on higher, more dangerous pieces of furniture in and around your house.

, By character, Cymrics are children-friendly and animal-friendly (including dogs) cats. Therefore, starting at a young age, expose your Cymric cat to other adults, cats, children, and puppies.If you do not have children, a puppy, or another cat, then invite friends who do over to play with your cat.

, Cymrics are very loyal, people-oriented cats that love to spend quality time with their owners. Therefore, make sure to provide your cat with attention and affection daily. Do this by playing with it, teaching it tricks, or brushing and petting it for 30 minutes at least once or twice a day.

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