How to Care for a Beached Animal



Identify “problem” animals.,
Determine the possibility of returning a beached animal.Once on land, and unsupported by the weightlessness of water, whales might crush their own internal organs and skeletons Sperm whales and whales of even larger sizes are almost impossible to return to water.,
Do not drag or push a beached animal back to water.

Problem animals are those which were sick, confused, or injured, and may have led others to become stranded as well. Returning problem animals that carry an illness could cause their podmates to become infected as well.Wait for marine experts to decide what to do with problem animals.

Some beached animals are brought to zoos or aquariums while being nursed back to health.

, Dolphins and sharks have a greater chance of being returned to water, but the decision should be made by a qualified marine expert.

, Dragging the animal might cause it serious injury. Instead, wait for expert help to arrive.Chances are that a beached animal ended up beached because it was ill, and should be given medical care before returning it to the sea.

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