How to Care for a Beached Animal



Keep the animal upright.,
Turn the animal upright.,
Pour water over sharks.

Blowholes on whales and dolphins should be pointing straight up and out of the surf. Avoid getting water in the blowhole while rinsing the animal. Dig a pit beneath the animal’s body and fill it with water to reduce pressure on the lungs.You should also dig water-filled pits beneath the animal’s tail and flippers. Make sure fins and flipper are directed out and away from the animal in a natural way, not crushed beneath the body.

, If the animal is not upright, and you feel confident enough to move it, get the help of one or two other people to assist you in gently turning the animal upright. Larger animals like whales might require four to six people to help turn it upright.Use caution when rolling an animal. If the animal is too big, do not risk overexertion by trying to right it.

, Sharks, unlike whales and dolphins, need water in their mouths and gills to breathe.Pour a bucket of water slowly and steadily over the shark’s gills, and carefully pour some over the shark’s snout, allowing it to dribble into the shark’s mouth. Do not bring your hands too close to the shark’s mouth, as a bite can be deadly.

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