How to Calm Your Nerves Around the Guy You Like



Be confident in your looks.,
Think positively.,
Keep your mind open to all possibilities.,
Stay open-minded afterward, too.

Don’t fret about what he might think of your appearance. Be comfortable in your body, even if his previous girlfriends belong to a totally different “type.” Rest assured that guys respond more to your self-confidence than your looks. So instead of stressing out about mirroring his type, fix yourself up however you like to. Then simply walk into every room like you own it by:Refraining from slouching or sticking your hands in your pockets.Keeping your chin up with your neck extended.
Throwing your shoulders back.
Allowing your arms to swing freely.

, Give each interaction the chance to develop into something great. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by assuming that everything will go wrong!When you’re with him, avoid over-analyzing the situation. Just take pleasure in interacting with him by staying in the moment, rather than dwelling on the past or trying to predict the future. Respond to what he (and anyone else in your group) says or does right here, right now, and nothing more.Keep your mind clear of any preconceived notions about what he might mean with this comment or that look.
Focus on what goes right: a joke that he finds funny; his willingness to share his opinions and personal experiences; his interest in your own opinions and stories.
Let the not-so-right parts slide. Recover quickly by refusing to dwell on them! For instance, if your joke falls flat, simply make a joke out of that by making cricket noises and then laughing it off.

, Remember: you don’t know everything! So if you feel like he isn’t interested in being with you or even just chatting right now, don’t take that as a personal slight. Take a step back and think of every reason that might be, rather than just assume that he doesn’t like you. Other possibilities could be:He’s shy in general or (gasp!) nervous because he’s attracted to you, too!
He may be distracted by something else in his life, like schoolwork, his job, or a family situation.
He may just have little to say about the particular topic you bring up.

, Don’t think all is lost just because time spent with your dream guy didn’t go exactly the way you dreamt it. Remember what went right, and put everything else in its proper place. Avoid placing too much significance on minor details.If he, say, fails to get one of your jokes or disagrees with one of your opinions, don’t take that to mean that you aren’t funny or a good match. Instead, just accept that he didn’t find that one particular joke funny or agree with that one particular opinion.
Don’t assume the whole conversation was a total disaster just because it wasn’t 100% perfect.
Remember that he may have had a perfectly good time even if you think it could have gone better.

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