How to Bury a Hamster



Preserve the body while you decide what to do.,
Check with your city to make sure burying your hamster at home is legal.,
Comply with burial regulations.,
Call before you dig.,
Protect yourself from germs.,
Mark the grave.

Animal remains immediately biodegrade and start to smell. Place the hamster in a sealed plastic bag and keep it cool. You can keep it in the freezer. Be sure you dispose of the body within 24 hours., If it is not legal, you can have your hamster disposed of by professionals such as veterinarians and pet cemeteries.

, In many cities, pet burial is legal but there are still health ordinances that regulate burial so that that animal remains do not spread disease. Some cities mandate that graves are two to three feet deep, others require a grave to be four feet deep and the body to be covered with lime. Bury your pet in biodegradable material and make sure the grave is well away from sources of water., Dial 811 or your local utility company to make sure that you won’t hit any water mains, electrical, or gas lines with your shovel., Wear disposable plastic gloves when handling your hamster’s remains. Be sure not to touch the remains to your clothing or to throw out any contaminated clothing., Don’t bury your hamster near a flowerbed or anything else that might be dug and replanted. Make a cross or paint a stone to place at the grave as a reminder.

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