How to Bury a Dead Bird



Choose a location.,
Decide if you want to bury the bird in a container.,
Protect the grave.,
Consider a grave marker.,
Think about planting something on the grave.,
Hold a ceremony to say farewell.,
Avoid touching the bird with your bare hands.,
Clean up afterwards.,
Consider whether the bird should be tested.

In most cases, you can bury a bird on your own property with few restrictions. Because laws vary from place to place, it’s always a good idea to call your municipality to find out if they have any laws regarding the burial of animals.Avoid burying a bird or any other animal in a vegetable garden.In some areas, there may be restrictions against burying animals if your ground water level is too high. Check with your local department of environmental conservation to find out.If you have cats or dogs, you may want to choose an area that they do not have access to in order to prevent them from digging the bird up.;
, You do not need to bury the bird in any kind of container unless you want to. If you choose to use a container, be sure that it is not made of potentially toxic materials.Pet coffins are used mostly for sentimental reasons, so it’s up to you if you would like to use one.Do not bury anything made of plastic. If you transported the bird to the burial site in a plastic bag, do not bury the bag with the bird. Gently empty the bird into the hole by holding the corners of the bag, seal it and then dispose of the bag in your normal trash., It’s generally a good idea to dig a hole at least two feet deep for a grave. The deeper your hole, the lower the chances will be that a scavenger will come along and dig the bird up. Once you have placed the bird inside the grave, cover it with the dirt that you removed when digging the hole. You may also want to consider covering the area with stones or paving blocks to protect it from scavengers.

, If you want to, you can mark your bird’s grave with some kind of marker or memento. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.

You can mark the spot with a simple stone so everyone knows where it is.
If you want a more elaborate marker, you could create a personalized headstone. Consider making one out of wood and using paint or a marker to include a personalized message.
You could also consider purchasing a kit that is typically used to make a concrete stepping stone. This will allow you to decorate your stone and write your pet’s name if you wish.
You could also place a statue of a bird on the grave as a memorial.

, If you don’t want to use a grave marker, but you would like to mark the grave and pay respects to the bird, consider planting a beautiful plant on the grave.

Be sure to choose a plant that tolerates the amount of sun in the area.
Plant a perennial if you want the plant to keep coming back year after year.
Don’t forget to take good care of the plant so it flourishes.

, If you are saying goodbye to a pet, it may help you feel more at peace if you hold a small funeral. The style of the ceremony is completely up to you.

You may want to let each member of the family say something about the bird.
If you would like, you can say a little prayer or sing a song for the bird.
You can also observe a few moments of silence to honor your feathered friend.

, Whether you are burying a pet bird or a wild bird, you should avoid touching it with your bare hands. It may have died of a disease that you could transmit by touching it, so be very cautious. Wear disposable gloves if possible. Throw them away as soon as you are finished handling the bird.
If you can’t wear disposable gloves, wear washable gloves or use a disposable pieces of flexible plastic, such as a plastic bag, to protect your hand.

, After you have handled the bird, it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly in order to prevent spreading any germs that you may have picked up from the bird.Be sure to disinfect any surfaces in your home that the bird touched as well.
If the bird touched any of your clothing, wash them in the washing machine in warm water right away.

, Most of the time, it is fine to bury a wild bird on your property without reporting it, but in some cases, municipalities ask residents to report dead birds, especially during times of epidemic. If you are unsure whether any such rules apply in your area, contact your local department of public health.If you notice large numbers of dead birds, this is definitely worth reporting.

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