How to Build up a Close Bond With Your Guinea Pig



Pick up your piggy.,
You can also carry your piggy on your lap (when sitting!),
Relax, your pet can feel your tension and this will make him/her scared or stressed.,
Piggies love quite soothing music (classical is best) in order to calm them down.,
Brushing your pet may build up a bond and your local pet store will stock a small animal brush for sure.,
Get some small treats or cut up veg to give your piggy.,
Let them lick the sweat off your fingers.,
If you are bringing a piggy home for the first time, give them about a week before handling.

Scoop one hand under his or her chest, And with your other hand hold the piggy in between his or her legs. Pick your piggy up slowly!;
, For small children an old cushion or a towel may help with confidence, and stop the claws (remember to clip them!) from digging into their lap.

, This can be bad for your piggy

, Quiet and soothing music, not the latest heavy metal tracks.

, If there are no brushes available, a toothbrush will do. Do not use a used toothbrush. It is unsanitary. Most say you can if you wash it thoroughly, but it is still gross. Buy a new toothbrush, they’re not that expensive.

, Veggies are preferred because they are more healthy for the piggy, and your piggy will still enjoy it.

, This may sound a bit weird but piggies love the salty taste of the sweat (but don’t give them salt). This may also seem gross to you, but if you want your piggy to be happy you better try. But be careful. Some piggies don’t do this, and they’d rather give you a nibble. So first try, like the picture says, with your finger nail.

, After 3-5 days, you may pet them, though. Just don’t remove from cage for a week. They need to get used to the surroundings, and piggies are naturally afraid of big giants, like we are.

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