How to Build Hamster Toys out of Household Items



Gather together several popsicle sticks.,
Rinse off the popsicle sticks to remove food residue.,
Glue the popsicle sticks together using non-toxic glue.,
Place the ladder in the cage.

The number of popsicle sticks that you will need will depend on how tall you want to make the ladder., The stickiness of food residue could make it difficult for your hamster to walk on the ladder.Allow the popsicle sticks to dry completely.

, It is important to use non-stick glue because your hamster may nibble on the sticks and inadvertently eat some of the glue. You would not want your hamster to get sick from eating a part of his toy.Allow the glue to dry completely.

, You can get creative with where you place the ladder in the cage.

Set the ladder on the bottom of the cage and have it leading up to another toy.
The ladder could also be used as a bridge between toys such as cardboard boxes or milk cartons.

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