How to Build Hamster Toys out of Household Items



Gather together items to make an obstacle course.,
Set up the materials in a large open area.,
Place treats throughout the obstacle course.,
Keep a close eye on your hamster.

Just about anything can be used to make an obstacle course, including paper cups, toilet paper tubes, small toy cars, and building blocks.Be aware that small toy cars have paint on them, which could make your hamster sick if he eats the paint. Watch him closely and remove the cars if you see him to start to nibble on them.

, You could use an open area of your floor that outside of your hamster’s cage. You could also use your bathtub or a large cardboard box.If you use your bathtub, line the bathtub with a towel. The towel will give your hamster more traction as he moves through the obstacle course., The scent of the treat will motivate your hamster to move even faster through the obstacle course., You will want to make sure that he does not eat any part of the obstacle course that could make him sick.

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