How to Build Hamster Toys out of Household Items



Gather a handful of empty toilet paper tubes.,
Place the tubes within one another.,
Use non-toxic glue to attach the tubes to each other.,
Place the rows of tubes in different directions in the cage.,
Place a treat at the end of the maze.

The more complicated you want to make the maze, the more tubes you will need., In order to maintain the shape of the tubes, be careful not to force them to fit into each other., Hamsters will nibble at the cardboard, so you want to make sure that the type of glue you use will not make them sick., This will create the shape of the maze. The more creative you are with the directions of the tube, the more challenging the maze will be for your hamster.

If you choose to place the maze outside of your hamster’s cage, closely supervise your hamster so that he does not escape or injure himself.Other household materials that you can use to create a maze include empty shoe boxes, cylindrical oatmeal boxes, and wrapping paper tubes.

, The scent of the maze will encourage them to move even faster through it to get to the treat.

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