How to Build Hamster Toys out of Household Items



Gather the materials that you will need.,
Use scissors to cut away the plastic opening of the tissue boxes.,
Stack the boxes on top of each other and glue them together.,
Use a ruler to measure the distance from the top opening to the floor.,
Create a walkway using the toilet paper tubes.,
Secure the walkway to the opening of the second floor box.

To make a two-story hamster house, you will need two empty tissue boxes, a pair of scissors, a ruler, non-toxic glue, several empty toilet paper tubes, and several small pieces of cloth.Square tissue boxes will work better than rectangular boxes to make the house.

, Removing the plastic will make it easier for your hamster to go through the openings., Stacking the boxes on top of each other will create the upper and lower levels of the house.Stack the boxes so that the top opening of each box is facing to the right or to the left.
The openings should not be on the same side of the house.

, Measuring this distance will allow you to know what length of tube you will need to create a walkway up to the upper level.

, You may need to place several toilet paper tubes within one another to make a long enough walkway from the lower to upper level.Use non-toxic glue to attach the tubes to each other, if necessary.
Use non-toxic glue to attach cloth to the inside of the walkway. The cloth will give your hamster extra traction so that he can easily walk up and down the tube.Do not make the incline so steep that your hamster will have trouble walking up or down the tube.

, Use non-toxic glue, rather than tape, to attach the walkway to the second floor box. Securing the walkway will ensure that it does not move when the hamster walks up or down the tube.If the opening is rounded, use scissors cut the bottom of the opening into a straight line.

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