How to Build Hamster Toys out of Household Items



Gather together the materials you will need to make a tunnel.,
Cut circular holes in the cardboard boxes.,
Insert the toilet paper tubes into the holes.,
Cover the tunnel with bedding.

You will need several empty toilet paper tubes, bedding, some small cardboard boxes, and a cutting instrument (knife, scissors, box cutter).Make a Fun Hamster Tube Town

Instead of cardboard boxes, you could also use shoe boxes, milk cartons, or empty boxes of tea.
Because these boxes are not transparent, you will not be able to easily see your hamster once he’s inside the tunnel. Even if you can’t see him, trust that he’s having fun in there!, These holes will be what the toiler paper tubes go through. To make sure that the holes you cut are the correct size, it may be helpful to first trace the outline of the tube onto the box.Make a Fun Hamster Tube Town

Cut the holes in different parts of the cardboard boxes to give your hamster more options when entering and exiting the tunnel.

, If the tubes do not fit easily into the holes, make the holes a little bit bigger. Forcing the tubes into the holes could distort their shape, making it difficult for your hamster to walk through them.

Use non-toxic glue to secure the tubes in the holes.

, This will create a little bit of extra work and challenge for your hamster to play in the tunnel.

Even though the tunnel will be covered with bedding, leave an open end where your hamster can gain easy access to it.

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