How to Build an Outside Enclosure for Cats



Acquire the materials.,
First, measure the dimensions of the large storage bin.,
Next, cut a door out with your box cutter or exacto blade.,
Finally, put the top on for the big bin and tape it in place so that it does not come off.

You are going to need a large plastic storage bin, a slightly smaller storage bin, insulation foam, an exacto blade or box cutter, hay or dry grass, tape, a towel (one that you have never used and will never use), and finally, a t-shirt or sweater.

You can find insulation foam at most home-and-garden hardware stores.
You can source hay from farms or feed-supply stores. You may also consider saving and drying grass clippings from your lawn.

, Cut your insulation foam, according to your measurements. Next, fit the foam on the walls of the bin. Then, place a folded t shirt or sweater on the bottom of the bin; you might need more than one shirt or sweater depending on how big your bin is. Then, put your folded blanket or towel on the bottom of the smaller bin.

After you do all this, fill the bottom with hay or dry grass for extra comfort. Then, put the top for the little bin on.

, You can trace it with a marker to make the cut more neat. Be sure to do this to both bins as neat as you can.

If you wish, you can cut a piece of fabric or washcloth and tape it over the doorway, so that it opens and closes.

, To let light inside, you can cut little openings on the top on the sides of the walls near the lid. Be careful not to make them too big!

Write who the bin belongs to and your address (esp. if it is in your backyard or front yard and could get lost). You also probably want to put something heavy atop it so that it isn’t blown away by harsh winds.

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