How to Build an Outside Enclosure for Cats



Buy six boxes of wire storage cubes (four cubes per box).,
Choose an access point.,
Design the enclosure.,
Tap the panels and connectors into place.

You can get storage cubes via Amazon for about $30 per box. The number you need depends on how large you want to build your enclosure. You will also need a few bags of zip ties (about 200-300) and a rubber mallet.;
, First, you’ll want to think about how your cats will access the enclosure. If necessary, put a panel with a cat door on one end of your enclosure. You’ll want to install the pet door on the door or window that cats will use to access their kitty playpen. If you live in a mild climate, you can cut a cat door into a screen door and cover it with a cloth flap.

, The panels are 14 inches square. You don’t want to build any section more than four panels high. Most sections should be no more than two panels high for cats.

Decide whether you want a long run or an enclosure. If you choose a run, build it two panels high.
Don’t install a bottom. Cats won’t enjoy placing their feet between the wire grates. So, either leave the bottom off altogether and let them run on the grass/concrete or install a wooden or plastic bottom.

, Once you’ve loosely constructed your enclosure, tap the panels and the connector tabs with your mallet to square up each section.

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