How to Build an Aviary



Consider how and how often you must maintain the aviary.,
Research materials you could use to build the aviary.,
Decide if you want your aviary indoors or outdoors.,
Plan for a larger aviary rather than a small one.

What materials would aid in quick cleaning?;

Certain types of wood can be poisonous to birds and some metal materials can chip easily, which can also cause health problems. Professionals advise using non-coated galvanized steel for the cage, and ceramic, concrete, brick or linoleum for the floor of your aviary.

, This may affect the size and materials you decide to use.

Weather conditions and predators are important considerations when building an outside aviary, while maintenance and ventilation are key for an indoor aviary.

You can structure your aviary so that it is portable for both inside and outside use.


An aviary can be any size but you’ll want to accommodate for the size of your bird and give him enough room to fly–at least twice the wingspan for width, six times the body for length and four times the body for height.
Budget space for additions like nests or branches.

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