How to Build a Squirrel House



Gather your tools.,
Gather wooden boards.,
Create the front and back panels.,
Create your side walls.,
Create a doorway.,
Attach the walls.,
Connect the flooring.,
Fill the house.,
Attach the roof.

This is a basic woodwork project and doesn’t require anything too elaborate. You’ll need a saw (jig-saw if you have one), electric screwdriver, and screws (3-4 dozen). If you don’t have an electric screwdriver, you could also use a hammer and nails. Screws hold the squirrel house’s design more securely than nails. Keep the following on hand as well:

Measuring tape
Pencil and paper
First aid kit
, Scrap lumber will work just fine for this project. Exterior grade plywood could be used, but this material is easier for the squirrels to damage. Two boards should be 12” x 12” or larger to be used as the floor, roof and overhang. You’ll also need two additional 35” x 6”.

The six is based off the average squirrel size. If you notice larger species such as Red or Grey squirrels, use a wider size wood. Use something between 6” and 10”
You don’t need to follow these exact dimensions, if you acquired enough scrap wood.

, The key to a good squirrel house is for the roof to overhang slightly. To achieve this, the front board should be one inch shorter than the back board. Use your measuring tape to mark 18” on one board and 17” on another board. Draw legible and straight lines with your pen across the board.

Use your saw and cut along the line in an even fashion. Take your time sawing. A good cut is better than a quick and choppy cut.
Again these are the measurements for this squirrel house. You can make your house smaller, but don’t make it bigger. Squirrels enjoy compact spaces.

, The sides must be the same width as the front and back panels. The side panels require a more advanced cut. You’ll need to measure 18” on one edge and 17” on the other edge.Each plank’s top will be cut into a slanted edge. Use your measuring tape to mark the right measurements.

Draw a line to connect the 18” marker to the 17” marker. Use a ruler to create a straight and even line.
Take your time to create a clean cut with your saw. You should now be able to see the panels align with the front and back walls.

, Now you need to create an entrance for the squirrels to use. Take one of the side panels and measure three inches from the 18” side. Use the 3” mark to create a hole that is 3” in diameter. You’re basically removing the pointed edge of a side board.

It doesn’t need to be exactly three inches in diameter, but should be close. The hole size determines what species can fit into the house.People have reported possums n their “squirrel house,” because the opening was too large.

, Start by positioning all the walls in place using your hands. Make sure all the front and rear edges align with the proper sides. Once you’re pleased by the outline, it’s time to attach the walls. Attach everything in the following order:

Position the front wall (17”) with a side wall. Place the side panel’s edge in front of the front panel’s edge. Insert 4-7 evenly spaced nails or screws to attach the two.
Attach the side panel that is attached to the front wall to the back wall (18″). Again, the nail or screws should pass through the side wall before going through the rear wall’s edge.
Attach the other side board onto the house. For each corner, you should use between 4-7 screws or nails.
If you are using an electric screwdriver, take your time. It is easy to damage the wood if you try to work too quickly.
There should be an even slope from 18″ (back wall) to 17″ (front wall)., Use one of the 12” x 12” boards as flooring for the squirrel house. Position the frame created in the previous step on top of the 12” x 12”. Align the 18” wall along the edge of the floor board. Center the frame and mark where the corners will be on the floor.

Flip the frame to begin attaching the nails and screws. Attach nails or screw into each corner. Use between 3-4 screws or nails for each side.
Be careful to only attach the nails or screws along the house’s frame.

, Some builders like to insert a wooden divider into the house with a 3” gap to create two stories. Squirrels like to play in compact spaces. Make it comfortable for the squirrels by adding pillow fluff or the contents of a stuffed animal. Another good bedding material is dried moss found in nature or a craft store.Measure the inner dimensions to create a floor divider for the house. Cut out a 3” hole as you did with the entrance to the house.
Hold the floor divider and have somebody assist you with attach it with a nail or screw. The set of helping hands will attach the screw through the exterior wall into the divider.
It’s okay if there are gaps between the floor divider and the walls. This doesn’t need to be as tight as the exterior structure.

, Use the extra 12” x 12” as the roof. Align the edge of the 12” x 12” to the backside of the roof (18” wall). You’ll need to hold the wooden board in place as you nail or screw in the roof. There should be an overhang on the front of the house.

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