How to Build a Squirrel House



Scout your yard.,
Create a grip.,
Wrap the squirrel house.,
Mount the squirrel house.,
Add food.

Plan to spend a day watching your yard to witness how active the squirrels are. Take mental notes of certain trees you see multiple squirrels pass through. Pick out one of the trees that you think will hold that house.

To promote squirrel activity, choose a location that is 10 to 30 feet off the ground.The higher the house is, the more likely squirrels will occupy it.

, You will need two large nails to create a stable grip for the squirrel house. Use a secure and long ladder to reach the desired spot for the house. Have a partner around to spot you for safety measures. Drive the first nail into the tree with a hammer, but leave an inch exposed. Take the second nail and drive that about eight inches parallel to the first nail. Leave an inch of the second nail exposed.

The squirrel house should fit in between the two nails.

, You will tighten the squirrel house to the tree by tightening a thick wire around the house and tree. Make sure you use strong wire that has tightening abilities. You could also tie the wire together and tighten with pliers, but this may prove dangerous at such a height.

Go to a local hardware store and ask about thick gauged wired that can be tightened easily. They will have something that will work.

, Fit the squirrel house between the two nails previously inserted into the tree. The goal is to have the nails fit the house’s width in a snug manner. Then use the wire from the previous step to secure the squirrel house.

, Squirrels are easy to attract once you’ve provided a shelter for them. Squirrels enjoy the same foods that birds like. This is a reason why squirrels invade your bird-feeders. You could use bird food or any of the following:

Fruit (berries)
Sunflower seeds
Pet food

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