How to Build a Relationship With Your Hamster



Pick up your hamster very carefully.,
Make sure your hamster has a neat and clean home that they cannot escape from.,
Let it get used to its surroundings.,
Spend time with your hamster.,
You generally want to clean its cage every week.,
Give your hamster treats to show it how much you love it.

Find one that bonds and connects with you. You might not connect with all of the ones in the store, so try to find one that seems happy (or at least the most willing of all of them) to be with you.;
, If it escapes, you may never find your hamster.

, When you bring your hamster home leave it in its new cage for a little bit and watch it to see how it reacts to its surface and living space.

, Once it’s settled into its home make sure to have time alone with it and that you take it out of its cage. When starting out, it is recommended to not let it out with no boundary lines around the two of you so that it can’t escape. Know that if your hamster wants to jump out of your hands, it can. It can fit through very small spaces.

, Give it fresh bedding toys regularly. You should give your hamster fresh water and food everyday.

, Hand feed them to it as well, so it remembers that you gave them to it. But make sure your hands don’t smell of food so that you won’t get bitten.

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