How to Build a Labyrinth for Your Cat



Get a discarded box with dividers.,
Clean the box by wiping it with a dry piece of cloth.,
Re-arrange the dividers back into the box.,
Cut two holes.,
Cut a few more holes on the dividing walls inside the box.,
Secure the lids of the box with tape.

Introduce your cat to the labyrinth.

Dividers are cardboard pieces inside box that is used to keep the items it stored snug and stationary during travel.;
, Do not use wet cloth because it will damage the box.

, Tape them securely into place with tape.

, You can do any size or shape according to your fancy and size of your cat, on the opposite sides of the box as the entrance and exit to the labyrinth.

, Keep in mind that the cat should be able to come in through the entrance and could come out the exit.

,, Let them have their fun!

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