How to Build a Horse Jump



Check your equipment.,
Lay a pole on the ground in the position that you want the jump to be.

Place the wings on either side of the pole.,
Line up another set of wings directly behind the first wings, if you want a spread.,
Attach the cups to the wings at the required height.,
Position the poles and other components depending on the type of jump you want.

You need to make sure that each article has no nails or sharp pieces protruding outwards, and is sturdy and undamaged. Equipment should include only safe obstacles, such as pre-built jumps, cavaletti, etc. You should use old tires, buckets, bales or anything that can hold up a jump bar. Remember that the jump you construct for training should be safe and come down easily if the horse should hit it.;
,, If they are makeshift, you may have to position them forward of the pole and slightly closer together so the pole overlaps by a couple of inches.

, If the wings are not identical, it can be difficult to line them up accurately with the first jumps. In this case, use another pole to measure the correct distance between the wings.

, Do not add more cups then you will be using. Not all types of wings have cups and some that do aren’t removable.

, You can keep the pole you use to measure the distances between wings, where it is as a ground-line or use it to construct the jump.

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