How to Build a Horse Jump Pair Schooling Standard



Cut your 2X8 8′ board into 8 equal lengths of 12″ each.,
Screw the feet onto the bottom of the post.,
Create holes to accommodate the jump cups.,
Center the holes.,
Start drilling!,
Apply 2-3 coats white exterior house paint for a polished look.

These will be the feet. (If you’d like, cut a triangle off one corner of each board. This creates the fancy tapered look on the feet. It’s not necessary, though.);
, To do this, make the end of the first 12″ board flush with the back edge of the post. Then the second 12″ board will butt against the first. And they’ll continue around this way, whirly-gig fashion. Use four screws for each foot.

, This is trickier than it may seem! The holes must be *completely level and centered* or your jump cups won’t fit. Companies that make jump standards use a drill press which automatically makes a level hole that’s centered. But since you’re using a hand held drill, you’ll need to level the holes manually. First, make sure your post is standing on a level, flat surface. Your post must be as level as possible. Measure up the post 12″ from the ground and make a mark in the center of the post. Using the level, draw a horizontal line through the mark and continue it around all four sides of the post. Repeat this up the post every 3″ until you have 9 lines drawn.

, If you have jump cups, use one as a template to make your hole marks on the lines. If you don’t have jump cups, keep reading. Measure in from the right side of the post 1 1/2″ and make an X on the first line. On the opposite side, on the same line, measure in 1 1/2″ from the left side, to give you a straight shot through the post. Repeat the marks up the post.

, When drilling the holes go slowly, aim for the X on the back side to try to stay level, and stop often to check your aim. Chances are you’ll mess up on the first few, but you’ll get the hang of it.


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