How to Build a Cat Condo



Find a cardboard box large enough to fit your cat.,
Lay the box down on its side.,
Consider painting the box or covering it with fabric.,
Place a towel or a fleece blanket inside the box.,
Consider draping a curtain over the front opening of the box.,
Place the cat condo in a place your cat will notice.

If there is a large cardboard box that your cat already likes to sleep in, consider using that.;
, If the box has a top part that folds down, cut it off using a box cutter. You can also fold the flaps inward and secure them with glue.

, You can paint the box using spray paint or acrylic paint. You can also cover it with glue and fabric.

Apply acrylic paint using a wide paint brush or a foam brush. To reduce brushstrokes, apply the paint in thin layers. Let each layer dry before applying another one.
If you are spray painting the box, go outside or work in a well-ventilated area. Be sure to cover your work surface with lots of newspaper.
To cover your box with fabric: Cut five pieces of fabric. Each one needs to be large enough to cover each side of the box. Cover the box with glue, and press the fabric down onto it. Work on one side at a time.

, You can cut it down to fit inside the box, or just fold it. This will make the box more comfortable for your cat.

, Cats love dark, private places. Cut a piece of fabric that is the same with as your box, and about ½ inch (1.27 centimeters) taller. Draw a ½ inch wide line of fabric glue along the top edge, closest to the opening. Press the edge of the curtain down into the glue.

Consider gluing a ½ to 1 inch wide ribbon all the way around the edge of the box opening. This will not only hide the top edge of the curtain, but also give the box some contrast.

, To encourage your cat to use the box, scatter some cat treats or catnip inside the box.

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