How to Build a Cat Condo



Find two coffee tables.,
Consider painting the coffee tables.,
Place the square table on top of the rectangular table and secure it with wood glue or metal brackets.,
Wrap sisal rope around two legs of the square table.,
Consider covering top of the square table with carpet.,
Set the cat condo down where your cat will see it.

One needs to be cube-shaped while the other needs to be rectangular. Both need to be about the same width. It is fine if the rectangular table is a few inches/centimeters wider, however. The rectangular coffee table will make the bottom of the condo, and the cube-shaped one will make the top.The cube-shaped coffee table should not have a shelf between the legs. It is fine if the rectangular one has a shelf, however.

, If the color does not appeal to you, you can always paint the tables. The quickest way to do this would be with spray paint, but you can use acrylic paint and a wide paint brush as well. You can paint both tables the same color. You can also paint them using contrasting colors instead.

You will be gluing rope to some of the table legs in a later step. You might want to leave those legs unpainted.
If you will be gluing some carpet down to the top of the square table (or the shelf on the rectangular table), leave that part unpainted.

, Position the square table at one of the narrow ends of the rectangular table. The other half of the rectangular table should be bare. This will create a shelf for the cat to sit on. If you left some of the legs unpainted, those legs should be facing the longer/bare part of the rectangular table.

If you are using wood glue: paint the bottom of the square table’s legs with a thick layer of wood glue. Place the table down on top of the rectangular table and let the glue dry.
If you are using metal brackets: Take four L-shaped metal brackets, and screw them to the inside of each of the square table’s legs. Set the table down on top of the rectangular table. Screw the brackets to the top of the rectangular table.

, Make sure that the legs you are wrapping are facing the shelf/bare part of the rectangular table. Scuff the entire leg up with rough sandpaper, then paint the first few inches/centimeters of the leg with wood glue. Wrap the rope around the leg until you cover the glue. Paint the leg with a few more inches/centimeters of glue, and wrap more rope around it. Keep painting glue and wrapping rope until you cover the entire leg. Repeat this step for the other leg.

Consider wrapping some of the legs on the rectangular table as well. You can wrap whatever legs you want. They don’t have to be right next to each other, like with the square table.
These rope-wrapped legs will act as scratching posts for your cat, and save your furniture.

, This will make it more comfortable for your cat. Measure the top of your square table and buy some carpet according to those measurements. Scuff the top with rough sandpaper, and paint the entire surface with wood glue. Paint the back of the carpet with wood glue, then press the carpet down onto the table top.

If your rectangular table has a shelf, consider cover that with carpet as well.
You can use any color of carpet you like. It can match the table color, or contrast it. For example, if your table is white, consider blue or teal for the carpet.

, Give your cat some time to get used to the condo. You can also encourage your cat to use it by leaving some cat treats or catnip on it.

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