How to Bring a Second Cat Into the Family and Not Make Your Old Cat Upset



Give your cats enough time.,
Be sure there is enough space for your cats.,
Have one litter box per cat, plus one spare.,
Make sure your cats each have their own separate water and food dish.,
Own one carrier/crate for each cat.

Both cats will require your love and attention. This means petting them, and also playing with them. Set aside twenty minutes, twice a day to play with your cats. If they can’t yet play together, make sure you give them equal time.;
, A studio apartment might not be the best place to keep two cats. Adding vertical spaces, like cat towers, can help to give your cats more room. Cats like to be able to create social distance, and too much crowding can stress them out.

Cats are naturally territorial. These are natural impulses in cats, and so conflict over territory is to be expected, though not guaranteed.About 19 square feet of floor per cat is recommended when housing multiple cats.
When choosing a new adult cat, getting one of a similar size as your old cat (if possible) will reduce the likelihood of one intimidating the other simply due to their relative sizes.

, This means two cats require three boxes. This is to make sure your cats feel comfortable. If one cat feels the litter box is the other cat’s territory, they may be likely to go to the bathroom somewhere else. Avoid the mess and ease your cats’ stress levels by giving them each a litter box.

Keep a litter box on each floor of your house if you have more than one floor.
Make sure there is at least three feet between the litter box and food dishes.

, Having a food and water dish per cat will help you to be certain each cat is eating well. (For indoor cats, provide some fresh grass for each as well. This helps them digest their food.) Sometimes one cat will eat all the other’s food.

Don’t feed your cats too close together, or it might cause them to fight.
Especially when your new cat first arrives, place food dishes on opposite sides of the room, or opposite sides of a closed door.

, This is essential not just for transporting them, but it is also important for limiting their ability to physically contact each other. In the event of an emergency, you will need a carrier for each cat. Also, it can help both cats feel like they have a space of their own to hide in and increases their sense of safety.

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