How to Bridle a Grumpy Horse



Rub your bit in peppermint oil.,
Make sure the bit is the right temperature.,
Give your horse a treat.,
Speak to your horse in a calming tone.

Horses generally love the taste of peppermint.You can put some peppermint oil on the bit to encourage them to take it. The oil will last for a long time, so you may not have to reapply it for a few months.

, Bits that are too hot or cold can be painful or uncomfortable for your horse. You should store your bridle by hanging it up away from direct sunlight and inclement weather, such as rain or snow.If it’s summer, keep the bit from sitting in the direct sun, where it can overheat and burn your horse.
If it’s winter, warm the bit up by rubbing it between your hands before asking the horse to take it.

, Hold a treat on the bit and let your horse see it. While he slips the treat into his mouth, quickly but gently slip the bit into his mouth and buckle the bridle. Fruit and vegetable treats should be cut up before being offered to your horse while more syrupy treats can be smeared over the bit.Some treats that horses enjoy include:

Peppermint candyMolasses
Unsweetened apple sauceCarrotsSugar cubes

, While bridling your horse, speak to them in a soothing, gentle tone. If you do this often enough, your horse will come to associate your voice with a safe and serene environment. If your horse has a bad day or a cranky attitude, you can use this voice to return them to a calm state.What you say isn’t as important as how you say it. You might say to horse, “It’s all right. I’m just putting the bridle on.” You might even narrate what you are doing, such as “I’m just going to reach over. Here, now take the bit.”
You can even just use soothing sounds as, “shh…shh…”

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