How to Breed Exotic Chickens



Join an online group for exotic chicken breeders interested in raising exotic poultry.,
Find a supplier for your exotic chicken breeding stock by looking online, inquiring at your local food store, or by perusing the animal classifieds in your local papers.,
Provide adequate housing for your exotic poultry that is comfortable, clean, and has a yard for exercise and sunlight.

Administer feed appropriate to the breed and the stage of development of your exotics.,
Separate the exotic chickens by breeds if you are raising more than one breed of exotic poultry.,
Choose a method for raising your exotic chicks.,
Sell the young exotic chickens or use them as replacement breeders.

An online group can be a useful venue for finding feed and equipment suppliers, solving chicken medical problems, and locating pertinent information specific to exotic chickens.;
, You may find older breeding pairs from local breeders, by attending poultry auctions, or by looking online for breeders within your area. Sometimes it may be hard to find the older pairs and you may have to start with chicks.

,, You can ask your local feed store to determine what your exotics need to be fed.

, You should provide separate housing and yards for each type of chicken that you raise.

, Once you have raised your exotic chicken breeding stock and the chickens have begun to produce eggs, you must decide whether you are going to let the hens raise the chicks or if you are going to incubate the eggs and raise the chicks separately from the breeding stock.

If you choose to incubate the eggs, remove the eggs from the hens as they are laid until you have enough to incubate.


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