How to Breed Chickens



Collect your eggs regularly.,
Keep the nest clean.,
Choose the eggs you wish to incubate.,
Mark your eggs.,
Store the eggs.,
Turn the eggs daily.

Even if you are going to let the hens incubate the eggs, you will want to collect them and choose the best ones to incubate. Collect eggs two to three times a day to make sure that the eggs don’t get dirty or don’t start developing.

If it starts getting hot out, collect eggs even more often than normal, up to five times a day.
Use a soft basket to hold the eggs while you collect them. This will help keep them from getting damaged. A little straw in a hand basket makes for a perfect egg basket.
Handle the eggs delicately to keep from upsetting the membrane and other internal parts.
Clean your hands before gathering eggs. This will help prevent you passing on bacteria to the egg.

, Although you should always be keeping the coop and nest boxes clean, it is especially important when breeding. Mud and droppings can increase the amount of harmful bacteria that can infect the egg, which will hurt the egg’s chances.

Make sure the hens always have clean bedding.

, Choosing the right eggs will significantly increase your chances of a successful hatch. You will want to avoid eggs that are noticeably larger or smaller. Large eggs have difficulty hatching, and small eggs often produce chicks that are too small to live.Do not choose any eggs that have been cracked. Also avoid eggs with thin shells.
Do not choose eggs that are noticeably misshapen.
Only keep the clean eggs. Washing or wiping dirty eggs removes protective coating, making it more vulnerable to bacteria.

, If you are hatching a lot of eggs, or are breeding different types of chickens, you may find it useful to mark the eggs with dates or breeds to help you keep track of them all. You can use a pencil, marking pen, or a stamp.

, Eggs can be stored up to 7 days after they have been laid and before you start incubating. Eggs should be stored for at least 24 hours before you start incubation, otherwise they may not hatch as well.

Try to maintain a temperature of 55 °F (13 °C) and high humidity.
Store the eggs with the pointy end down.

, While you are storing the eggs, they will need to be turned once a day to keep the membrane from sticking to one side. You can do this by placing a piece of wood underneath one end of the carton and then switching it to the other end the next day.

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