How to Bottlefeed Goat Kids



Figure out how much food your goat needs.,
Provide colostrum for very young goats.,
Use natural ingredients if possible.,
Determine how often to feed your goat.,
Put the formula in an ordinary bottle.

Goats need different amounts of food depending on their weight. As overfeeding can cause serious health problems, determine how much to feed your goat before gathering your supplies.Weigh your goat. If you don’t have a scale yourself, you can take your goat to a livestock vet.
Convert their weight into ounces and find 10 to 12% of their total body weight.
Divide this number by four. Feed your goat that amount four times a day.
For example, say your goat weighs 96 ounces. It would need around 10 ounces of milk a day. You would feed your goat a little over three ounces of food three times a day.;
, Colostrum is the milk a mother produces when a goat is first born. In the event your young goat was rejected or abandoned by its mother, you will have provide colostrum yourself. It is difficult for a goat to survive without a steady intake of colostrum.You need to get a baby goat colostrum within its first 24 hours of life. If you have a goat on your farm that recently gave birth, milk that goat and bottle feed your goat the mother’s milk.
However, you may not always have real colostrum on hand. In the event you don’t have colostrum, there are many online providers that allow you to purchase colostrum.
If you know you’re raising goats, freeze milk from goats who have recently given birth or keep colostrum substitute on hand. It’s vital to get colostrum to a goat as soon as possible.

, When bottle feeding, it’s always best to get your goat as natural ingredients possible. These will best assure your goat gets the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Go for goat’s milk or cow’s milk, which you an find at most grocery stores.Never feed a baby goat powdered milk or canned milk. These can cause health issues.
If you’re using cow’s milk, add three tablespoons of corn syrup per gallon of cow’s milk.

, In general, you should aim to feed your goat around three or four times a day. Space out feedings over the course of a day, as kids need to eat on and off all day. If your goat is looking for food and seems hungry, bottle feed it as needed. However, keep the total amount you feed within the range you calculated based on the goat’s weight.If your goat is three weeks old or older, provide hay and water for free feeding as well.

, Place the proper amount of milk in a regular baby bottle. You do not need a special bottle to bottle feed a goat. Pick up a conventional baby bottle from a department store for the feeding process.

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