How to Bottlefeed Goat Kids



Try to get colostrum naturally, if possible.,
Consult a vet if your goat refuses to bottle feed.,
Avoid overfeeding your goat.

While goats can still thrive on substitute colostrum, natural is usually best. A mother’s milk has vital nutrients for survival, so if you can get your goat natural colostrum, go this route.Allow your goat to suckle from its mother for the first 24 hours.
If the goat has been abandoned by its mother, provide colostrum from another goat who has recently given birth.

, Goats need to bottle feed if they’re not being fed by a mother. It’s normal for a goat to take a few days to take to the bottle. However, if it’s been more than a few days and a goat is not feeding regularly, consult a veterinarian. You can find a livestock vet online or in your local yellow pages.Ask something like, “Is there anything I can do to get my goat to take to its bottle?”

, Weigh your goat regularly and adjust its feeding by weight, using the same calculation involving 10 to 12% of the goat’s body weight. Overfeeding can cause serious problems. If your goat seems to be putting on a lot of weight, you may need to reduce feeding. Talk to a vet if you’re concerned about your goat’s weight.

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