How to Bottlefeed Goat Kids



Try many times a day at first.,
Get the bottle in a similar position to a mother’s natural stance.,
Allow the goat to take the milk naturally.

Have patience when you first start the feeding process. Some goats will take to the bottle without trouble. Others, however, may be hesitant to feed early on. You may have to try several times a day at first to get your goat to get the proper amount of milk per day.You will have to hold the goat and have a helper hold its mouth open. Try squirting some of the milk into the goat’s mouth to help it understand it needs to suckle to get food.
Some goats will understand right away, while others may take more work. You may have to feed your goat eight to 10 times a day at first, instead of three or four, in order to get your goat enough food.

, This can help the goat instinctively understand it needs to suckle. Try holding the bottle above the goat’s head, roughly the same height as a mother goat. For younger goats, you may have to take the baby in your arms and hold the bottle near your chin.This tends to work better when your goat has previously fed from its mother.
It can sometimes help to have the goat suckle on your finger first, and then slip the bottle in its mouth.

, Once your goat understands what the bottle is for, try to get it to suckle naturally. After a few days of regular bottle feeding, your goat should take to the bottle without trouble. Force feeding by opening a goat’s mouth and squirting the milk in should no longer be necessary.

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