How to Befriend a Wild Cat or Kitten



Differentiate between a stray cat and a feral cat.,
Take safety precautions.,
Begin befriending the cat.,
Offer the cat food.,
Continue putting little bits of tuna closer and closer to you.,
Show the cat some affection.

A stray cat is someone’s former cat that no longer has a home; a feral cat was born in the wild and is a cat that is wary of humans and generally isn’t adoptable due to not being adapted to humans.You may have success at befriending a stray cat; a feral cat probably not although it may become acclimated to your presence.
Whether you have a stray or a feral cat around your home, capturing (or trapping) the cat and bringing it to the veterinarian for vaccinations and to be spayed or neutered is an excellent civic duty. Feral cats that are “fixed” can be released back where you found them.You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they won’t be able to reproduce and contribute to the feral cat population.;
, Wild cats can be unpredictable so you will need to practice some safety precautions as you are trying to befriend it. Cat bites usually become infected, some very seriously, so you will need to wear long sleeves and pants when trying to befriend the cat.

Another concern is rabies in a cat of unknown vaccination status. Use caution and common sense. If the cat starts to hiss or growl, looks sick (runny nose or eyes, scabs, sneezes/coughs, breathes heavily), or acts bizarrely don’t try to befriend it. Call animal control and retreat to your home.

, If the cat appears healthy and isn’t acting defensive and mean towards you, you can try befriending it. Find a place where the cat usually stays, and wait nearby until the cat reaches its spot.

Sit down or lie down, if you can, or at least crouch. The cat will find you much less intimidating that way. Stay there for a while. Teach the cat you won’t hurt it.
This should be a fair distance away, 10 feet or so, so you don’t intimidate the cat.

, Try leaving out some smelly cat food (wet) or even a can of tuna to attract the cat while you are waiting for it to arrive. You want to get the cat to associate you with something good, namely a free lunch.

You only need to leave out smelly food the first day. After this leave out a little dry kibble to keep the cat coming back for more.

, Each day the cat comes to eat, move your spot another foot closer. If you hold the cat food in your hand for a while, your scent will be on it, too. This won’t discourage the cat from eating it, but it may cause the cat to associate you with food, which is good in general. Put out your hand to let the cat sniff it.

If the cat starts hissing, or its ears go back, etc., you’re too close. Pull your hand back slightly and slowly.

, Eventually the cat should get close to you then put out your hand let the cat sniff your hand. Continue feeding the cat, and sitting nearby quietly, and eventually you should earn its trust to the point it will come up to you for food and gentle pats. Don’t expect this to happen right away. Don’t expect them to even eat any of the tuna right away.

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