How to Befriend a Guy



Look your best.,
Go up and say hello.,
Look for chances to talk to him again.,
Make friends with some of his friends.,
Notice his personality.,
Share some hobbies.,
Develop some inside jokes.,
Keep the friendship going!

One of the first impressions a guy has of a girl is her physical appearance. Make sure you look good every day, as you’re never sure of when a good chance to approach your guy might pop up. Clothes are a part of looking good, but also make sure to be clean and appear sociable.;
, This is the hardest and most nerve wrecking part of starting a friendship, but it’s got to be done sometime! Look for a good chance to introduce yourself, perhaps when he’s alone or walking down the hall. Your first talk can go anywhere from a simple “hey,” or the start of an entire conversation!

If you guys have mutual friends, you can have them introduce you two.

If you don’t know any of his friends, it’s generally not a wise choice to interrupt him when he’s with his mates. That will be awkward and he won’t be able to focus on getting to know you better.

, Once you’ve said hi to your guy, don’t just leave him hanging there! Find opportunities to talk to him again and introduce yourself a bit more. Look and see if he’s in any of your classes, and talk to him about the subject or about random things. If you’re lucky, you can exchange phone numbers or MSN, AIM, Skype, or OoVoo screen names. Keep in touch!

If you guys share a class, talking about your teachers or the subject is an easy way to start a conversation. From there on you can find out a few more things about him.

, Notice who your boy talks to. Try to make friends with them too. This will bring in chances for you and your guy to go out with a bunch of friends and get to know each other more. Besides, he will definitely appreciate you for being nice to his mates.

, Just like how all girls are different, all guys are different as well. Some guys are sensitive and need to be treated carefully, some are out loud and jokey. Make sure to treat your new guy friend as a real person, not just as another boy. Talk to him, get to know his hobbies and his problems. Share some of yours as well.

, He likes sports? Mention something sportive you do and show off once in a while. Acting is his thing? Feel free to dramatize in a funny moment! Show an interest in what he likes and maybe join a club with him. Remember that to share a hobby, you don’t necessarily have to participate in it as well. Just appreciating his liking is enough.

, Share a few funny moments between the two of you and keep it going as an inside joke. It’ll entertain the both of you and make it feel like you’re keeping a secret; always something good to have!

, Once you know him as a friend, stay in contact. A friendship is a long-term thing; like wine, it ripens with old age. Be a good friend!

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