How to Be Close to Your Crush



Find common interests.,
Start off as friends.,
Be a good listener.,
Be yourself.,
Have confidence.,
Be approachable and kind.,
Take care of your appearance.,
Avoid over-analyzing the situation.,
Make time to talk one-on-one.,
Use your body language.,
Flirt with your crush.,
Give them space.

One of the simplest ways to be closer is to find activities and interests that you and your crush both like. Talk with your crush about something they like. Identify the interests that match your own, and spend more time on those activities.Consider asking things like, “What’s it like being on the soccer team? I used to play soccer” or “I noticed that you like to draw. What kind of things do sketch? I like to sketch in a journal sometimes.”
Do more of the activities that you both enjoy. Just make sure that not all your time is spent on this.
Look at the ways that you and your crush are different. Sometimes getting to know someone involves seeing how common interests may be different in approach.;
, Though your romantic feelings may be hard to control, it’s important to get to know the ‘real’ person that is your crush. Wouldn’t you want that person you like to be someone you also want to be friends with? If you don’t feel like your crush would be a good friend, or that your interests are too different, think about what that may mean. Would you want to be close with someone who you don’t think would be a good friend?
Allow your friendship to lead into romance, rather than the other way around. Don’t rush into something. Try to find ways to keep your mind off your crush, and focus on how to be their friend first.
Consider asking your crush and his or her friends to hang out with you and your friends for a weekend event. Keep the interactions casual at first, rather than trying to find out if he or she likes you.

, Make an effort to listen to what your crush likes. Be positive and smile. Give signs that you are listening to what he or she is saying. Don’t be distracted by other things. Don’t avert your eyes due to shyness.

When you actually listen to what your crush is saying, and not just think about the way he or she looks, you’ll be able to really know what the person is like.
After listening, consider responding with, “That’s really interesting” or “Wow, that’s cool.”
Ask follow-up questions. When you are actively listening to your crush, you’re paying attention to what he or she is saying. Ask for details about what they are talking about, or clarification if something sounds confusing.

, It’s important to be your true self. Be honest about what you like and don’t like. Don’t try to be fake, or someone that you hate. Think about what things matter to you.

Act and dress in a way that feels comfortable and natural to you.

, You are a unique and amazing person. Get yourself some credit, and be proud of who you are and what you’ve done. You don’t need to shy away from being yourself, and showing others that you are confident.Be positive, and surround yourself with other people who are positive.

, Kindness is key. While being approachable and friendly may get your crush to notice you, they may be hesitant to be your friend, or let you be close if you’re rude, cold, or stand-offish.

Try to overcome your shyness by at least having a short conversation. Consider compliment your crush. Or talk about something that you both are doing.
Consider saying things like, “I like your shirt,” or “You play the guitar well.”

, Be presentable by taking care of your body. Have clean hair and nice clothes. You don’t need to get “dressed up” every day, but someone is more likely to talk with you, or notice you, if you have a nice appearance.

Avoid wearing provocative clothes. You may be sending the wrong message to more than just your crush.
For girls, you don’t need a ton of makeup or high fashion clothes. But having a presentable and healthy appearance is good. Consider wearing a mild perfume.
For guys, avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed. Make sure to have clean outfits. Consider wearing cologne.

, Your crush is likely someone you know, but aren’t close friends with yet. Like anyone new, it may lead to something close, or not. Avoid idealizing your crush. He or she is still a regular person, just like everyone else.It takes time to develop a new friendship or relationship. Your crush will not notice your overnight.
Realize that your crush may not intentionally be ignoring you. If it’s a large class, school, or workplace, oftentimes you may not notice someone until you interact with them a few times one-on-one.

, Find ways to separate yourself from your group of friends, and do something where it’s just the two of you. Consider these ways:

Walk home with him or her after class.
Hang out in an area of the school, or after school where it’s just you two for a little while.
Work on school work together.
Make yourself available to help him or her out with something.

, There are various ways to give non-verbal cues that you’re interested. Make eye contact. Smile. Laugh when they say something funny. Put your hand on their shoulder. Place your hand near your lips while they talk. If he or she seems sad or worried about something, give a hug.If you are sitting next to your crush on a long car ride, you can put your head on his or her shoulder.
See how your crush respond to your body language. Do they act the same way? Or do they pull back?
Non-verbal cues are a good way to understand what someone is thinking but not saying.

, Consider being openly flirtatious by complimenting your crush. Say something that you like about them, without just saying “I like you.” This can be through non-verbal body language, a note to them, or by directly talking with them about what you like about them.Consider saying, “I really like talking to you” rather than just blurting out, “I like you.”
Or consider saying things like, “I like your hair” or “I like hanging out with you” or “You’re really cool.”

, If you’re spending a lot of time around your crush, and they seem to be hesitant to talk, try to avoid coming off as clingy. It’s the same for your friends, family, or anyone you spend time with. Showing that you are independent can actually make you more attractive.

Don’t center all your time around your crush. Remember that there are lots of cool people and fun things to do out there. And your crush shouldn’t be only thing that matters.
Your crush may notice you more after you’ve had some time apart. Let them miss you a little. Hopefully, they notice when you’re not around.

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