How to Be Attractive to Girls



Look for signals of flirting.,
Seek out someone in your league.,
Never shy from an opportunity.

There are some universal signals that are used frequently. This is a classic flirt used by women: a girl smiles at you and then lifts her eyebrows quickly while locking into eye contact.Don’t rely on someone to initiate flirting. This will not always happen candidly. Be on the lookout for eye contact and a smile.

Don’t be afraid to make the initial flirt with someone.

, Guys and girls are typically attracted to those who are in their league. When people date out of their league, relationships typically suffer because of jealousy or lack of interest.Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how attractive am I? This could be hard for some and most people need help if they don’t understand what “league” they fall into. Your physical appearance doesn’t take into account everything.

Your attractiveness also depends upon your personality (including your humor), your dance moves, your hobbies, your friends, your family life, and more.
There are successful relationships where members of the couple are out of each other’s league. Take this with a grain of salt and know that keeping this in mind will simply make things a little easier for you.
In general if you feel a connection with someone, you probably have a shot. You are also probably in the same “league” if you feel some type of chemistry. Just go for it!

, Never limit yourself to where you should try to attract someone. You never know when the magic spark will light up. There is still a chance even if you’re working late and on the subway at night. Never shy away from an opportunity to attract a woman.

Flirting in an unusual place like a subway or waiting room shows confidence. You never know until you try it.
Don’t come off as too strong. It is important to seize the moment, but do it in a way where the girl doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
Employ active listening when talking to someone. This will give you more of an opportunity and show her you care. Listen to obtain information, to understand her, for enjoyment, and to learn.

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