How to Be Attractive to Girls



Pursue a passion.,
Talk to women more often.,
Practice respect and kindness.,
Take risks to have fun.,
Be intellectually curious.,
Use your sense of humor.,
Be a confident person.

Women are attracted to men with a passion in their lives. It is attractive to live outside the cookie cutter routine of eat, work, sleep, and repeat. Pick up a hobby and plan to change your hobby into your passion. Try your hand at a musical instrument, a craft like pottery, cooking, writing, running, rock-climbing, and more.

When you express a sincere passion she will respond positively.Life is too short not be passionate about something. Don’t be bashful and try your luck at something. There is nothing to lose unless you get into extreme sports.

, Just relax when you’re talking to a girl. Women like it when a guy is direct; they are not mind readers. Speaking to someone you don’t know can produce a lot of anxiety for some. You can approach someone without opening yourself up to being evaluated. Eventually, you’ll be confident enough to talk to them in a normal conversation. Try some of these cues:

Ask a small favor like “can you watch my stuff while I get coffee?” This creates attraction from the person doing the favor.
Ask a question. Use whatever situation/location you are in to your advantage. Ask a relevant question like “have you seen this band before?” or “you think Texas could be a country?” Be whimsical if you are feeling it., A great way to prove yourself to a woman is showing her that you not only respect her, but all women. It is too common for guys to view picking up girls as a macho competition instead of wanting to get to know a woman. You can show respect by listening to what she has to say, respecting her personal space, making sure not to interrupt her, and refraining from making statements like “you wouldn’t want to do that, it’s a guy thing.”Never make fun of a girl when you’re trying to tease them. A little bit of joking is okay, but avoid anything that could be taken as offensive by someone.
Generosity also goes a long way. No one likes a guy who is too stingy to have a good time. The same can be said about someone who refuses to give a dollar from time to time.

, Be a fun person by acting on spontaneity. It is attractive and more interesting to be around someone willing to go on an adventure. This can also show her how interesting you can be.Being silly and having fun also shows you’re confident and not afraid of taking risks.

, Careful not to be a know-it-all or overly pretentious. Most girls will like a guy who reads from time to time and is interested in the world around him. Put down the video game and pick up a book. Try getting into the habit of reading the news every morning. You’ll have more to add to a conversation when you are on top of current events.Not every girl cares about this.

, Making someone laugh is a great thing and it is attractive. It is one of the most desirable traits women look for in a man. Don’t modify your humor to appeal to someone in particular. Your natural humor will attract the type of person who you’ll be able to relax around.

Laughter affects people on a chemical level. It increases the level of serotonin in our brains which causes our brain’s function to work more efficiently., This doesn’t always have to do with your looks, but how you think of yourself. Have confidence that you’ll achieve your goals. Change your mentality: if you think you’re attractive you will be attractive. Thinking positively is the first step, but then to ‘’act’’ positively will increase your self esteem even more. This can be simple like talking to people in a positive manner and focus your energy into acting this way.

Have ambitions for your life. When you have a serious drive for your life, women will take notice.
Change one of your bad habits. Start small like waking up without hitting snooze two or three times or drinking 64 ounces of water a day. Start small and progressively work to improve yourself in larger ways.
Do something you’ve been procrastinating. There is no time like the present. It can even be a small thing like cleaning your room.

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