How to Be Animal Friendly



Go vegan!,
Don’t buy real fur products!,
Don’t visit zoos or circuses that you know mistreat animals.,
Volunteer at an animal shelter.,
Recycle and compost.,
Know your facts.,
Get involved!

If you just can’t, reduce meat from your meal.;
, Artificial fur clothes are the same, but they are animal-friendly too! It’s not cool to be cruel.

, Only animals that are injured or too tame to survive in the wild should live in captivity.

, Don’t buy a pet, instead, adopt a friend. There are tons of animals (mainly horses,dogs, and cats) that are unwanted all over. Go to an SPCA or animal shelter. Don’t forget! Animal shelters have small animals and birds too!

, If it’s not practical for you to adopt, volunteering is always a great idea. It differs from shelter to shelter, but here are some of the things you might be able to do at a shelter:

Play with the puppies and kittens to help them socialize. This prepares them for being adopted.
Clean cages and litterboxes.
Walk dogs.
Feed the animals and refresh their water.

, Protecting the planet means protecting animals’ habitats, which are vital for the animals.

, For example, hunting may not seem “animal friendly”, but in some circumstances, it is (like if it’s in an area where there’s not enough food or a disease).

, Sign petitions, donate, and spread the word. Tell your friends why to be animal-friendly, and try to get them to become animal friendly too.

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