How to Be a Fashionista at a Western Performance Show



Buy a good pair of pants that are a good cut and length to suit you.,
Wear a shirt or a slinky on your top half.,
Put on a jacket or wear a specially designed halter outfit.,
Buckle Up with a good leather type belt suited for Showmanship and Halter and have a Buckle.,
Finish the look with a sturdy pair of boots such as Pull Ons, or Lace Ups.

Your pants are not the main part of the halter look, but you do have to run and move around in them. Look for a show pant that is flattering to your body shape and has a slightly longer leg cut with a higher waist. This gives a longer leg impression so as you walk and jog beside your horse you too will look longer.

, It should be long sleeved unless you are wearing a halter jacket. Otherwise you can get away with a short sleeved shirt under the jacket as it won’t be seen. The shirt for handlers should be long sleeved and have a collar. The shirt should be buttoned all the way up the front. A slinky, (suitable more so for females) should have a turtle neck type collar. You are required to have your shirt tucked in unless it is a slinky and sits right on the gab between your pants and skin line, no skin should be seen.

, Jackets come in two basic cuts for Showmanship and Halter – cropped and long. A cropped Jacket sits just on the pants line, and gives a flattering appearance. A longer Jacket is one that may or may not have a split similar to that of a riding Jacket. It gives a longer appearance and many judges prefer a longer jacket to a cropped or a shirt style top. If you go for a specially designed halter outfit, look for one that suits your body shape. The Halter outfits are usually made of leather and do up at either the front or back depending on the design and shape. They are good for the handler that does a lot of Halter showing as they are less likely to get dirty and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. They are also especially good as they are at most good Western Attire Retailers and the designs are quite bright so they suit a new Handler wanting to make an impression.

, The buckle can be either Glitzy and Glamour with Rhinestones and Diamantes or it can be a silver plaited trophy type buckle. Either is well suited, and this just makes the outfit. If you don’t wear a belt and buckle you can be eliminated from the event.

, They can have fancy stitching or embroidery or they can be plain. During a Halter or Showmanship event you must always wear a hat. This can have a Hat band and can be glitzy or plain. To finish the look wear a neck piece such as a Yolk band or bolo tie for males and a piece of jewellery such as a necklace or bolo tie for the woman.

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