How to Bathe a Pet Quail



Take the opportunity to clean your quail’s pen.,
Consider their type of housing.,
Spot clean.,
Disinfect the cage at least every two weeks.,
Allow for dust-bathing.

If dirty, you should opt towards cleaning the housing of your quail to keep them clean. It will benefit both you and your bird. Whilst the quail is currently not in their home, quickly clean it up.

If you’re using water to clean their home, do not place your quail back inside until both they and their housing are dry.

, A large guinea pig cage is adequate for quails as it has a solid and clean bottom. In most cases they can be a lot cleaner than pens which are housed on the garden floor. Keep note of a few factors that will determine your quail’s living conditions.

A small cage will quickly get dirty compared to one with plenty of space to roam.
Of course, placing your quail’s pen on dirt will only set yourself up for failure. When winter time rolls in, that dirt will turn into wet mud. Grass or a solid floor bottom would be a cleaner option.

, Spot cleaning is a term used when you clean little patches of dirt around the cage daily. This can be sweeping up a pile of droppings or soiled bedding and rinsing the food and water dishes each day. Spot cleaning can be effective in making their cage stay clean and their bedding last.

, It’s important that you perform a deep clean at least fortnightly as quails can make a lot of mess. Disinfect all around the cage including their water and food dishes. Add new bedding and sweep up the droppings.

, Dust-bathing is your quail’s way of keeping clean and grooming themselves naturally. Provide them with a shallow tub or dry dirt or sand and they will be encouraged to dust bathe. It’s great for their feathers and health!

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