How to Avoid the Boy Who Knows You Like Him



Sort out your feelings.,
Play it cool.,
Be patient.

While you’re avoiding him or ignoring him, you need to consider ways to resolve the situation because he isn’t going to suddenly disappear. How do you feel about him? What do you want your relationship to look like? Think about what you specifically want out of a relationship, whether it is friendship or something more.

, If it’s someone you know well and see a lot, he’s probably unavoidable and hard to ignore. If you find yourself getting worked up over seeing him, try some relaxation methods, such as stretching out and taking a deep breath. Remind yourself it is all a passing thing., Some situations might take a lot of time to work out. This might mean that you confess your feelings openly to find that he feels the same way. Or it might mean that he doesn’t feel the same way. Or that you both feel the same way but still want to be friends and take it easy.

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