How to Avoid the Boy Who Knows You Like Him



Avoid eye contact.,
Avoid laughing or smiling at him.,
Walk quickly.,
Use body language to make yourself look unavailable.

If you can’t physically avoid him, the next best thing to do is to ignore him. If you sit across the room from him in class and he is looking your way, don’t get caught looking at him when he’s looking at you.Of course, if he is talking directly to you, you don’t want to run away or pretend like he’s not there! Just play it cool and be polite.

, If he makes a funny joke, avoid laughing at it. You like him, so you’ll want to smile, but try to go easy on it for a while. You don’t want to make it totally obvious and bring more attention to yourself., If you can’t avoid passing him in your daily routine, make the exposure time minimal. This way you can remove any opportunity for an awkward conversation or smiling at him. If you’re on your way to class, you can pretend like you are running late. Just keep your head down and walk faster!

, If you can’t walk away from the situation, use your body language to deflect his attention. If he approaches you at the bus stop, give him signs that you are not interested in starting a conversation. Keep your arms crossed. Don’t face his direction — turn your back if you can.Stay busy with a task, even if it is silly, such as rearranging some papers, so that you appear unavailable and uninterested in what he’s doing.

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