How to Avoid Messing Up Your First Impression



Be polite.,
Look nice.,
Listen to what they have to say.,
Be Interested.,
Be Fun and Nice.,
Compliment them on something.,
Smile- When approaching someone, greet them face-to-face with a smile.,
Never interrupt/disturb.,
Don’t flirt.,
Be Calm.,
The goodbye.

Smile or gently wave to those who may happen to walk pass you. You would like the person you’re giving your first impression to, to know that you are nice.;
, Make sure your clothes are not worn out or inappropriate for the occasion. Look presentable.

, It may give you more insight into what they like or dislike.

, Make it known that you are interested in the person you are talking to, by eye contact. Ask them about themselves and their hobbies.

, If you’re talking to someone shy, try to make them laugh and make them comfortable, because though they may not be active in the present conversation, you want to leave them with the impression you’re a nice person to talk to, so that next time, they will be more comfortable around you.

, Compliment on their clothing or accessories, not their body parts. Save the latter for later, when you know them better.

, Shake their hands, not too light (as if they have germs) and not too firm (as if you’re apart of a military) just gently.

, Make sure that this person has an interest in talking. The worst thing to do is interrupt someone who is working on something or talking with someone else.

, Try to avoid hitting this person who you barely know. Whether a love tap, or not. You don’t want to come on to strong whether you’re trying to gain this person as a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend.

, Try not to stumble across your words, and make sure you know what you are talking about before opening your mouth. Don’t over talk, either. You don’t want anyone to think you’re a “know-it-all” or a “motor mouth” when wanting to give a first impression.

, When ending a conversation, let them know that you enjoyed the conversation with a comment like “It was nice talking to you” or something you joked about in the conversation like “Remember, you owe me one if the Cubs win!” You want to leave with the impression that you’re nice and have a sense of humor. Leave them with a big smile and a pleasant good-bye.

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