How to Avoid Germs when Cleaning a Litter Box



Avoid cleaning litter boxes if pregnant.,
Consider disposable liners or trays.,
Provide an adequate number of litter boxes.,
Place a spillover mat.,
Refrain from placing the litter box near the cat’s food.

Women who are pregnant should not clean litter boxes. Cats may carry a parasite that causes a condition called toxoplasmosis, which may cause birth defects.If a pregnant woman does not have someone to change the litter box for her, she can wear rubber gloves while changing the litter box. After changing the litter box, the pregnant woman should wash her hands afterwards well., If you don’t want to worry about cleaning and disinfecting the litter box, consider using disposable liners for the litter box. These liners are removed when you change the litter. You can also get a disposable litter box that you throw away every few days.This choice may be a good idea if you are immunocompromised or undergoing chemotherapy.

, Cats like to bury their waste under dirt or litter. Because of this, cats tend to like their own litter box. A good rule is to have one more litter box than the total number of cats that you have.For example, if you have three cats, then you should have four litter boxes.

Sometimes, cats may share litter boxes. For example, if you have three cats, you may get away with two litter boxes, or be able to use three litter boxes for four cats. However, some cats may find this stressful and prefer their own box.
Watch your cats to see if the litter boxes you have provided is adequate. If your cats go to the bathroom outside the litter box, you may need another litter box. Going to the bathroom outside the litter box may also be an indication that the cat needs to go to the vet.

, To help keep germs and mess at a minimum, consider placing a spillover mat under or in front of the litter box. This can catch any litter your cat pushes out of the litter box or that gets stuck on her feet.Choose a mat that is easily cleaned. Consider plastic or another surface that you can wipe down easily with a disinfectant.

, You want to place the litter box in an area of your home separate from where you feed your cat. Cats generally don’t like it, and there is a higher chance of cross-contamination between food and the litter box, increasing the risk of spreading germs.Consider putting the food in the kitchen and putting the litter box in the bathroom or laundry room.

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