How to Avoid a Guy Who Likes You that Thinks You Like Him



Tell him you don’t like him.,
Pretend that he doesn’t exist.,
Forbid your friends to give him your personal info, including your telephone number, MSN address, email address, etc.,
One way guys try to get a girl’s attention is to hover around her or try to have physical contact with her (ex: brushing past).,
Although this can be risky, this trick will put him down if you do this correctly.,
Stay away from him as much as possible.,
Whenever your friends talk about him, make fun of him a little bit, but be careful not to get carried away.,
If he keeps on flirting with you like hitting you in the head or messing with your hair, simply turn around and firmly tell him to stop.,
Smile when he is upset about you not liking him.

This step may be the only one you need. Dropping hints won’t always work for some guys, and this will confirm that you do not have any feelings for him. That way, he won’t have to keep guessing, and you can clear the problem before it gets worse.;
, If he stares at you, act like you can’t see him. In other words, completely ignore him. If he tries to talk to you, act as if you didn’t hear him while turning to the nearest person and beginning to talk to them. That way, he won’t dare interrupt your conversation, unless if he is determined enough to.

If he does interrupt your conversation, shoot him a warning look while politely but firmly saying, “Please don’t interrupt this conversation.”
It helps if your close friends know about this situation. That way, they can help you avoid him and start talking to you if he tries to approach you.

, This way, he’ll be unable to take any part in your social life outside of school, and you won’t have to constantly ignore his calls or persistent messaging.

, If he tries to stand next to you, keep moving away from him. However, if you want to be safer, go to the restroom, where he can’t possibly follow you unless he is a stalker.

, Pretend you’re looking at him – this will rouse his interest and excitement. However, pretend to spot someone/something behind him. This will make him disappointed as he will think you don’t even know he exists, which will mean that he will stop thinking that you like him. This is harsh; therefore, only do this if absolutely necessary.

Keep in mind that if this trick is performed incorrectly (ex: your pretending to spot someone/something behind him isn’t strong enough for him to catch it), it could worsen your situation and make the guy think you do like him.

, If you have a class with him, sit far away and make sure all seats near you are taken. If you are forced to be with him for a project or extracurricular activity with a lot of other people, pretend he doesn’t exist. If you cannot possibly avoid him, tell him to leave you alone. You could also tell whoever is in charge about your “problem” and ask them to steer him away from you in partner projects. You could have them inform him that you aren’t comfortable. This is embarrassing, but almost always works for most teachers are understanding.

, You could say something along the lines of: “Remember when John fell and couldn’t get up? I think he needs life alert” or “Remember when Danny got the math question wrong? He started crying like a baby! Wimp!” If he overhears, he might back off a bit, for this may make him think you are joking with one of your friends who likes him. He’ll think he had it all wrong. Unfortunately, he might fall for one of your friends.

, He needs to know when enough is enough, and he will back off if he respects you. He will also start to think that you are getting annoyed with him.

, This has a powerful impact. However, as much as you want to get rid of him, don’t be too mean or cruel. Otherwise, you might harm your reputation, and he might want to get back at you in some horrible way.

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