How to Avoid a Guy Who Likes You in High School



Block him on social media.,
Talk to an adult about the situation.,
Let it go.

If the dude keeps messaging you on Instagram or sending you romantic Snapchats that you don’t really want, fix the problem at the source by removing him from your friends’ lists.

Check your privacy settings to make sure he can’t see any of your activity or send you messages after you block him.
Be prepared that removing him from your social media accounts may hurt his feelings. Use this as a last resort., If a guy just won’t leave you alone, it’s time to talk to someone. First of all, consider talking to him directly. If the problem doesn’t subside after a while, you should probably reach out to an adult.

Stalking is a serious offense, and it’s more common in high school than you’d think.
Your high school counselor or a trusted teacher can help you handle the guy and keep you safe.

, It’s easy to dwell on a situation like this, especially if you’re afraid you’ve hurt the guy’s feelings. But try your best not to. After he’s finally gotten the hint, rejoice in your freedom! Then let go, for the good of your mental health.Try not to talk negatively about the guy during the situation or after. That won’t make you feel any better, and it’s a drain on everyone else.

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