How to Attract Your Crush



Work on being the best you.,
Take care of yourself.,
Keep yourself clean.,
Look nice.,
Be confident!,
Show them how wonderful you are.,
Be a good friend.,
Spend time together.,
Get to know them.,
Let them get to know you.,
Find things in common.,
Share in their passions.,
Let them be their own person.,
Show your availability.,
Flirt with them.,
Touch them.,
Tell them that you like them.,
Ask them out.

If you want someone to be attracted to you (the real you, in a lasting way), you’ll need to be attractive first. You do this by being the best possible version of yourself, bringing out all the qualities about you that are good and taking problems head on.

Learn fun skills. Learn the sort of fun skills that you always wanted to have. This will make you happy but it will also make you more interesting to other people. Passion and talent is attractive, and this will go a long way towards making other people like you.
Help others. No one wants to be with a real jerk. Show your crush that you are a kind, wonderful person by helping others. You can help your friends and the people around you, or you can help your community by volunteering!
Relax. Be funny. Have a good sense of humor. Don’t sweat every little problem. And don’t panic every time you talk to your crush. People want to be with someone that helps them relax, so if you seem wound up all the time, you’re going to have a harder time attracting them.
Change what you want to change, for you and no one else. If you have things that you don’t like about yourself, you can change them. There’s nothing wrong with that. But make sure you’re doing it for you and not for anyone else. Forcing yourself to be someone you’re not isn’t going to work out well long-term and you want someone to like you for who you really are.;
, Eat a healthy diet, don’t starve yourself, and get lots of exercise. This will help you look healthy and strong, a very attractive quality for most people. You will also feel a lot better, which will show in your everyday interactions.

, Stay fresh-smelling by showering regularly and wearing clean clothes. Don’t forget deodorant! Smelling bad can really turn a lot of people away, even if you have a great personality.

, Wear nice looking clothes and take care of your hair and skin. You don’t have to dress like a movie star, or even wear brand name clothes. Just wear what looks good on you and that’s really all that people will notice.

, Confidence is incredibly attractive to both boys and girls. Of course, you don’t have to actually be confident (people are rarely as confident as they seem), just make people think that you are. Do this by not constantly apologizing or being down on yourself, and instead stick up for yourself and pursue the things that are important to you.

, Let your crush see the best side of you. Be friendly and kind to them, never complain about your hardships or be really negative around them. Don’t gossip or get really angry around them. Let them see you doing things that make you happy and having fun with your friends.

, People want to date someone who can basically be one of their best friends. You want to get along really well! Show them that you can fill this role by being a good friend to them. Support them when they’re having problems and help them to be their best self by encouraging them to reach for the stars.

, You can’t get their attention and help them get to know you if you never spend time together! Hang out, either alone or in groups of friends (groups is better, in the beginning), so that they can see how fun you are to be around. You can go to movies, play games at the arcade, or go to special events like local concerts.

, Talk to them and get to know them for who they really are. They won’t take your attraction seriously if they feel like you don’t know them or like them for who they are. Talk about things that matter, like what they want out of life or their ideas about current events. This is a great way to get to know someone (and much more significant than knowing their favorite color).

, Let them get to really know you. All of the things that you want to find out about them, let them find out about you. Be open to questions and don’t try to make yourself seem super mysterious. You want them to see you as a whole, real person.

, Find the things that you have in common. These are things that you can bond over and share. This will help you connect with them on a deeper level and begin to build lasting feelings on both sides. Start with things like movies and music and move on to things like hobbies.

, Even if you don’t like the things that are most important to them, try to understand those things and see the significance. Understanding the thing that matters most to your crush and maybe even learning to enjoy it with them is an important part of developing a relationship.

, Now, one reason that a lot of people are reluctant to get into a relationship is because they think it will mean that they’re going to lose a lot of their freedom. Show your crush that with you they have nothing to fear by not only letting them be their own independent person, but also showing them that you can be independent too.

, Don’t make your crush think that you’re into someone else. Make sure to project that you are single and you are looking to date. Don’t flirt with other people too much and don’t spend a ton of your time with someone of their same gender.

, Start showing your interest in your crush by flirting with them. They may not be asking you out or showing an interest because they don’t realize that you like them, so start dropping hints. Just don’t start flirting too early on. You need to establish a basic friendship first, if you want to help guarantee success.

, Not there! Jeez. A gentle touch to the shoulder or forearm (or even their hand or face if you’re feeling bold), can show them your interest or even really get them to feel that spark! These are very intimate, affectionate gestures and their intent is difficult to mistake. Do it casually, in conversation, and definitely not randomly. You’ll need an excuse, or it’s going to seem forced.

, If they aren’t getting the hint, you may need to just come right out and admit that you like them. It’s terrifying we know. Our sympathies. But you can do it! Be bold and brave! Taking the initiative may even make them like you more.

, If respond that they like you to, or even if you want to skip that last step and go straight for this one, you might just have to ask them out yourself. This responsibility is usually going to fall on the guys, but there’s nothing wrong with girls taking the lead! Find some time alone and find out once and for all if you have a chance.

Don’t sweat rejection. If they just don’t feel the same way they they aren’t the right person for you! You’ll find your special someone. It just takes time.

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