How to Attract the Guy You Have a Crush On



Be friendly.,
Find common ground.,
Get to know him better.,
Be playful.

If your crush has no idea you exist, it’s going to be difficult to attract him. Try to get to know each other by becoming acquainted with his friends, joining a club he’s in, or asking someone who knows him to introduce you. Be careful because if you don’t want him to know you like him, they might say something which could ruin your chances and make things uncomfortable.If your crush is in your class, talk to him a little before or after class (talking during class could get you some unwanted, negative attention).You could comment on the teacher, the work you have to do or make a joke when he’s listening. It’s scary but you’ll feel good once you make a move.
Say something like, “The homework was hard last night. Were you able to figure it out?” to start a conversation with him.;
, It’s easier to start conversations when you both have found something to talk about. You might possibly consider taking up some of his interests but don’t become a whole different person just for someone else. It’s definitely not worth it. If you have no common interests, don’t freak out, just ask him about his hobbies or about something you already know he enjoys.For example, If you’ve never watched a TV show before that he’s practically addicted to, just tell him, ask him about it to spark an instant conversation. You could say, “Have you ever seen ?” to get him talking about something he is a fan of and will get excited about.

, You have to be friends before he will start to reciprocate the whole “crush feeling” in return. If you aren’t already friends, you could always start out by bringing up a general conversation topic (i.e. weather, a crazy thing that happened that day, presidential elections, assignments…) and if all else fails, you could always just ask for a pencil or some paper and go from there.

Maybe after you’ve gotten to know him a little better, you can joke around or tease him, maybe even flirt with him – but don’t get too ahead of yourself. He might feel awkward if a girl he barely knows starts flirting hard-core with him.
Add him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter or Instagram if you haven’t already done so. You can learn more about your crush’s interests and hobbies by doing this as well. You can “like” his posts whenever you see them to indicate your interest in what he posts and talks about.

, Guys are generally attracted to and notice people with a good sense of humor, especially those with playful personalities. Try joking around with him or teasing him if you are comfortable doing so. Being able to make him laugh could be attractive to him.For example, you could lightly joke around by saying something like, “I’m short because I actually escaped from Willy Wonka’s factory” or something silly along those lines to show that you are confident in yourself but you enjoy a good laugh.

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