How to Attract Quail



Understand what kind of birds quail are.,
Keep pets indoors.,
Do not disturb birds in the garden.,
Secure your garden.,
Grow dense grass and foliage.,
Provide suitable feed for the quail.,
Add a water source to your garden.,
Create dust baths.,
Provide a stump or a piece of timber.,
Plant extra food resources.,
Provide nesting material.,
Keep hollow logs in your garden.

Quail do not perch or fly long distances. Instead they live, sleep and forage on the ground their entire lives. They living conditions are in dry grasslands with plenty of foliage.
, If you are going to attract quail into your area you will need to keep your pets away from the garden, especially dogs and cats. Quail are very skittish and one sign of a predator will make them uninvited., If you are one who constantly goes out into their garden then attracting quails may not be the thing for you. It will be even more difficult and will scare the quails off if you disturb them by walking through the place., This is to keep predators out. Provide high and strong fencing around your garden and get rid of items that attract predators such as left over food, plants, etc., A quails natural habitat is in dense grasslands so that they feel safe and secure. Grow long grass and plenty of shrubs in your garden for quails to hide amongst. It will make your garden more inviting for the birds., Quail live on a diet consisting of seeds and insects. Purchase a wild bird seed and keep it low on the ground as quail like to forage and don’t perch on tree’s. Quail especially love millet sprigs.

Do not buy a bird feeder that hangs in the air as the quail will not be able to reach it considering they do not perch. Instead you need to purchase a feeder that is suitable for the ground or spread the seed mix in the dirt for the quail to forage.

, The quail will appreciate a water source to have a quick drink from. By keeping a small waterfall flowing through or a dripper the quail will hear the water and know that it is available.

The water should be shallow and never deep. If it is deep the quail have a risk of drowning depending on the size of the bird.

, Quail, like many other birds, love to dust bath to keep themselves clean. This is also a technique they use to get rid of parasites too. Provide a little dust bathing spot for the quail that consists of dry sand. If you get a lot of rain keep it sheltered., If you ever do attract flocks, the male leader will stand on a high-ground perch. Providing a stump or piece of timber will make the quails appreciate your garden better., Herbs and vegetables are great additions to add to the garden and the quail will benefit from them too. These will be extra food resources for the quail if they need them., Quail like to find an area where they can breed and raise their young. Provide dry straw, hay, grass, leaf litter, twigs, etc. This will encourage the quail to breed., These can serve the purpose of hiding spots, nesting areas or feeding station for the quail. Hollow out back sides or just one to provide more security. Add at least two hollow logs for the quail.

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