How to Attract Ducks



Be sure to have a pond nearby.,
Buy duck decoys to place around their habitat.,
Position decoy ducks near the water’s edge next to your food plot.,
Refrain from housing other animals near the pond.,
Allow grasses around your pond to grow tall.

In order to attract ducks, you must have an environment that is like their natural habitat. Your backyard, for example, is poorly suited to attracting ducks. However, if you have a lake or large pond on your property, then you will likely be able to attract ducks to it.

Ducks are notoriously difficult to attract. It’s definitely possible to attract them, but It’s also important to remember that they are migratory birds at heart.

, These decoys will attract migrating ducks to come take a closer look at the surrounding area. Be sure to invest in realistic-looking duck decoys.

There are different types of duck decoys, including mallard duck, black duck, and goose decoys. Geese make excellent decoys, as ducks and geese frequently live together in similar habitats, so ducks are naturally drawn to them., This way, the ducks will be attracted by the decoy and stay for the food. It’s important to position the decoys in a realistic manner that mimics how real ducks might gather.Avoid placing lots of decoys in a neat group on your pond. Instead, spread them out, placing two or three on your pond and a couple nearby on land. The key is to make the decoys seems as believable as possible to the ducks you’re hoping to attract., Ducks are skittish and will not want to nest if there are other animals in close proximity. They may also become defensive.

, Ducks are attracted to places with long grasses where they will blend in and be protected from predators. Avoid trimming the grasses and brush surrounding your pond.

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